Witness of Strength: The Name Card of the Far East Shines in Tibet's First Hydropower Project to Transmit Electricity from Tibet

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On June 23, New Far East Cable Co., LTD. (Abbreviation: New Far East Cable), a subsidiary of Far East Smart Energy Co., LTD. (Abbreviation: Far East Holdings; Stock code: 电竞赌比赛), participated in the construction of the first large hydropower project with an installed capacity of over 1 million kilowatts in Xizang province -- the 500 kV Transmission project of Suwolong Hydropower Station successfully delivered electricity. The intelligent cable products and system solutions provided by the company for the project will "guard" a steady stream of clean electric energy from here to thousands of households.

Data shows, Suwalong Hydropower Station is located in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River Tibet Qamdo City Mangkam County and Sichuan Batang county junction, with a total installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts. The 500 kV transmission line of Suwalong Hydropower Station is 73 kilometers long with a total investment of 711.67 million yuan. It is the first hydropower project of "Tibet power transmission" and the pilot project of "West power transmission to East".

As a leading enterprise in cable industry, New Far East Cable co., Ltd. has cooperated with the material branch of Sichuan Electric Power Company of State Grid to carry out the project of "Suwalong Hydropower Station - Batang 500 kV Line Project", providing intelligent cable products including steel core high conductivity aluminum stranded wire for the project.

Compared with conventional wires of the same specification, steel-cored high-conductivity aluminum stranded wires have obvious advantages in terms of loss reduction, line loss reduction, corrosion resistance and operation safety, which improves the efficiency of long-distance power transmission and effectively reduces the investment cost and operation cost of power grid engineering.

During the supply period, in the face of the abnormal rise of aluminum price, NFEC still kept the attitude of production without conditions and working overtime to ensure the smooth construction of the project. It has made important contributions to the construction and operation of the project and has been highly recognized by the project side.

Suwalong Hydropower Station plant 500 kV project is across the board in the hengduan mountains, with an average altitude of more than 3,500 meters, and it passes through Sichuan Zhubalong Nature Reserve and stretches 35 kilometers across the Jinsha River three times. The Features of "three high and one lack" (high altitude, high cold, high radiation and hypoxia) are outstanding, and the project is tight, heavy , and difficult. The company's professional and technical personnel in charge of the project provided on-site technical services and support for many times during the construction, which effectively guaranteed the smooth progress of the project.

To this end, the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company supplies branch specially for the New Far East cable sent a letter of thanks. The letter especially praised that New Far East Cable not only delivers on time within a short period of time, but also givse great support to the project from preliminary design confirmation to later material preparation, production scheduling and transportation, which truly meets the needs of customers and thought of customers!

Far East will actively implement the mission of "creating value and serving the society", provide timely products and services, protect the safe delivery of "green electricity", deliver the concept of green and low-carbon development, promote the clean and low-carbon energy transition, and help achieve the "double carbon" goal.