Forum of Government, Banking and Enterprise: Build Consensus, Increase Confidence and Promote Development

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On May 25, the authorities visited the Far East such as leaders of Wuxi Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Financial Bureau, Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, League of Nations Group and eight major banks for discussions and exchanges. They spoke highly of the efforts made by the Far East to fight the epidemic, to build major projects and to develop enterprises rapidly and continuously, and to both prevent and control risks and seize opportunities.

Many leaders attended discussion seminars such as Secretary Wu Yan of Wuxi Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Director Gu Wei of Local Financial Supervision Administration, President Hua Weirong of Guolian Development Group, Deputy Director Wang Rongming of Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Director Bai Lian of Local Financial Supervision Administration, Researcher Huang Xianjun of CBRC Sub-Bureau, Jin Lei, Vice Mayor of Yixing Municipal Government, Li Changqing, Director of Industry and Information Bureau, Jiang Dian, Director of Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Shen Yanzhou, leader of Banking And Insurance Supervision Group, Chen Jie, mayor of Gaocheng Town, Zhou Lifeng, deputy director of Municipal Government Office, presidents of Wuxi Branch and Yixing Sub-branch of eight major banks. The meeting shall be presided over by secretary Wu Yan.

Discussion on site

Field present at the reception and discussion are Jiang Xipei, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Far East Holding Group; Jiang Chengzhi, Party Secretary, Vice Chairman of the Board, CEO, Chairman of the industry; Jiang Huajun, Senior partner; Jiang Chenghong, Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Senior Partner of Far East Electric; Jiang Jing, Director, CFO, Senior partner; Xiang Decheng, Director, Executive General Manager of Far East Communications. Shao Liang, Chief Executive Human Resources Officer, Senior partner; Lei Jianhui, Senior Consultant; Chen Xiaofen, Group co-founder, Chairman of far East Charity Foundation; Zhou Yin, Head of financial Assets Department of the Group; Zhang Yan, Director of Financial Services department of Far East Holdings, and Lu Jiao, Assistant director of Capital Services Department of Far East Holdings. Online attendees are Wang Chuanbin, Director, Chief Expert and Senior Consultant of Cable Industry, General Director of Far East Cable; Zhu Changbiao, Director and Deputy General Manager of cable industry, Director and General Manager of Cable Installation, Senior partner; Yu Wei, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Battery Industry; Fu Wenfeng, General manager of Far East Copper Foil (Yibin), general manager of Shengda Electric; Wang Xiaoqiang, Director of cable industry, Executive General Manager and Senior partner of Far East Cable (Yibin).

Wu Yan presided over the meeting

In the meeting, Wu Yan said that the development of Far East has been moving forward steadily in accordance with the national development strategy, actively seeking new breakthroughs, establishing a good image in many fields of the industry, showing the responsibility of a big enterprise, which is closely related to the strategic guidance and national feelings of enterprise leaders. As the national economic situation continues to improve, various macro policies are also changing. She hopes everyone can speak out freely to lay a more solid foundation for better cooperation in the future.

Jiang Xipei spoke

Jiang Xipei extended warm welcome to the leaders to the Far East. "We deeply believe that finance is vital to the local economy. Without financial support, it would be difficult for the local economy to develop, and enterprises would not survive without the care and support of the government. The Far East cherishes today's hard-won achievements," he said.

Jiang Xipei said that since its development of 37 years, Far East has experienced trials and hardships, and even survived a narrow death. However, it has always been in harmony with the Party and the country, and always insisted on providing timely and excellent products and services to customers and solving substantive problems for customers and the society. In recent years, in order to further adapt to the market demand, Far East has actively arranged around the strategy and target of "to be No.1". Intelligent cable network has always maintained a leading position in the industry, and the company is continuing to promote intelligent manufacturing, technological transformation and expansion of a series of quality and efficiency improvement projects, and strive to build intelligent manufacturing demonstration lighthouse factory. The development prospect of the smart battery sector is gradually improving, and the products are exported to the European market. In the future, we will continue to deepen the market, accelerate the pace of market expansion at home and abroad, and constantly increase the market share in the segmented fields. In the smart Airport sector, Far East is also making continuous efforts, participating in the construction of nearly 700 airport projects around the world, and taking the lead in the industry of air traffic control and weak current.

Jiang said that with the support of governments at all levels, banks and partners, the Far East has achieved good results. In the future, Wuxi will continue to work hard, control risks, seize opportunities, on the basis of continuous innovation, firm strategic planning goals, and contribute to the economic development of Wuxi and even the country.

Gu Wei delivered a speech

Gu Wei said that when he came to the Far East again and felt the new changes in the Far East, he was very happy. The Far East has been developing and growing continuously, but also has not forgotten to give back to the people and the society.

Gu Wei said that enterprises are an important pillar of local economic development and an important standard to measure the sustainable development of local economy. It is the responsibility and obligation of financial institutions to improve work efficiency, improve service quality, speed up the construction and operation of projects, and serve the development of enterprises.

Gu wei said that the Far East is making steady progress on the road of sound, fast, high-quality and sustainable development. He hoped that all financial institutions can actively respond to the requirements of the state and provide better, more practical and faster services to enterprises, especially those with global competitiveness. We hope that Far East will continue to maintain positive and upward development in the future, continuously consolidate the development strength of enterprises, and continuously promote the economic and social development of Wuxi.

Shao Liang and Wan Jun spoke

At the forum, Shao Liang and Wan Jun made detailed reports to the leaders of the meeting on the achievements achieved in the three business segments of Far East Smart Cable Network, smart battery and smart airport as well as the development overview and industrial layout of the subsidiaries, and elaborated on the strategic goals and plans for future development.

Then, all banking financial institutions highly appraise and approve of far East's good risk resistance, opportunity grasp and sustainable profit prospect under the current economic environment, and the related matters has carried on the discussion, they all said, they will comprehensively deepen and strengthen cooperation with the Far East, help the Far East development to a new level, and boost the local economy and social development better