Get Started! The Far East Communication Optical Rod Fiber Project Started Smoothly

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May 17 is the annual World Telecommunication Day. At 8:58 am, Far East Communication Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Far East Smart Energy Co., LTD. (stock code: LOL彩票), held the commencement ceremony of optical stick optical fiber project.

Site of groundbreaking ceremony

This groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Jiang Xipei, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Far East Holding Group; Jiang Huajun, Deputy Party Secretary and Director of Far East Holding Group, Vice Chairman and CEO of Far East Holding Group; Chen Jing, Deputy Party Secretary and Director of Far East Holding Group, Director of Far East Holding Group, CEO of Cable Industry; Jiang Chenghong, Director of Far East Holdings Group, Director of Far East Cable Industry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Far East Electric; Chen Xiaofen, Senior Consultant and President of far East Charitable Foundation; Guan Wanjun,  Director and Chief Financial Officer of Far East Holdings; Wang Chuanbin, Chief Expert of Cable Industry and General Director of Far East Cable; Xu Jing, sChief Technology Officer of Far East Holdings. He Jian, Executive Director and General Manager of Far East Engineering. Xiang Decheng, Executive General Manager of Far East Communications; Shao Liang, Chief Executive Human Resources Officer; Wan Bing, Deputy General Manager of Far East Communications; Shen Guoqin, Chairman of Construction Group Co. LTDand so on.

Xiang Decheng presided over the commencement ceremony

Xiang Decheng presided over the groundbreaking ceremony. He first introduced the Far East Communication optical fiber project. He said the overall design capacity of the far East Communication optical rod fiber project is 1,500 tons of prefabricated fiber rods and 50 million core kilometers of fiber per year. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase of the project has a total construction area of about 24,600 square meters, with an annual design capacity of 600 tons of fiber prefabricated rods and 20 million core kilometers of fiber. The construction of the first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed and put into use in December this year, and the commissioning will be completed in March 2023 with production capacity. After the completion of the project, Far East Communications will contribute new value to the smart cable network segment of Far East Holdings and become an important participant and core force in the ICT industry.

He Jian spoke

He Jian first congratulated the Far East Communication on the start of the optical rod fiber project. He said that Far East Engineering will work with the demand department to organize, arrange and construct the project to ensure the successful completion of all construction tasks.

Jiang Xipei endowed with energy

Jiang Xipei said that the smooth start of the optical rod fiber project of Far East Communications laid a good foundation for the smooth operation in the future and achieved a good start. To ensure the high-quality promotion and production of the project, the key is to rely on the support of customers and partners, but also on the concerted efforts and hard work of all the Far East family members. In the past 37 years of development, Far East has always been adhering to the industry, sticking to the main business, always taking customers as the core, striving for contributors as the foundation, and always adhering to the best timely products and services to solve substantive problems for customers and the society. The past 37 years have been glorious, and the next 30 years will be even more prosperous and prosperous. This is the luck of our country, the luck of our industry, and the luck of the Far East. The Far East has caught up with a good era. The Far East optical rod fiber project, The Offshore cable project and the Yibin Intelligent Industrial Park project are all the results of assessing the situation and making scientific arrangements. In the future, Far East will continue to work hard on resource integration and team building, and become a highly respected and proud enterprise with the goal and ambition of becoming a "beacon factory", "benchmark enterprise" and "industry leader".

"Come on, fire a salute." Jiang Xipei gave the order and the guns saluted, marking a new step in the construction of another key project in the Far East.